The amalgamation of everything i have ever loved.exe


welcome to this mess of a site :) this website is dedicated to all that i love past and present! it's messy, and i don't like sticking to one "aesthetic". i guess if this website had to fall under one it would be stars/night. other than that, i like to mix things up :)

i like to experiment with things, and i am self taught, so this website will have HEAPS of useless updates while i figure some stuff out hehe:3

i hope you enjoy your stay away from the constant scrolling or whatnot. this is purely a space to fill up with whatever i want, an extension of myself. i also want to create a 'book of dragons' as a website :)

i also hope u enjoy peeking into a random internet stranger's soul :D

About the webmistress

name: sleepie

prns: she/xer

occupation: kfc worker !! (i love my job sm /gen)

age: 18

hii!! i'm sleepie ! i'm the webmistress of this site! i'm a 18 y/o loser from australia who's got a whole lot to say all the time about everything! i'm currently not studying, but i plan on getting a degree in game developement :)

i code as a hobby, so this website definitely isn't perfect. i learn as i go, and most of the time i just stare at my screen wondering where i went wrong in the code (spoiler alert, it was a : instead of ;)

i'm rlly bad w intros ngl but yeah, i like drawing furries which is cool i guess ? when i'm not rotting in bed i play HEAPS of roblox! especially creatures of sonaria :) it's my favourite roblox game!!

my favourite media consists of a bit of everything, but my special interests are cannibalism, prion diseases, HTTYD (i'm SO insane abt that trilogy). nine realms can SUCK IT i HATE the nine realms it's a DISGRACE to the httyd name . fr .

fav things !!


x httyd arcane x

x roblox !!! sweet strawberries x

x kurtis conner genshin :( x

x arlecchino!! my two dogs x

x coding my best friend !! x

x pink/purple !! green x

x LEGO :D art i guess x

things that i h8 ..


x nfts! crypto stuff:( x

x broccoli (ew) that one shade of shit green x

x overcooked steak mushy fruit:( x

x trying to draw but then the idea is lvl 500 and my skill is lvl 40 so it looks like ass ADOBE ANYTHING x

x turn based games blender (oh my god) x

x capitalism capitalism (but more) x

"> stamps!


more stamps here